Paint Sprayers

Graco Ultra Handheld Cordless Sprayer
Titan ED655 Airless Sprayer
Graco 390 PC Stand
Titan 440 Impact Airless Skid Mount
Graco Ultra Max II 490 PC Pro Lo-Boy

Paint Machines and Sprayers

These days, “spray paint” is more than just disposable cans. Paint sprayers are an entire category of devices designed to create uniform painted surfaces faster and more easily than any brush or roller. While they run the risk of overspray, with just a little practice, a Dunn-Edwards paint sprayer can produce a smooth, professional surface cleaner than any brush.

Dunn-Edwards offers Graco paint sprayers and Titan airless sprayers. All of our paint sprayers can handle any oil- or water-based paint, with a pump that atomizes your paint at high pressure for a uniform coat.

Though paint sprayers do require about three times as much time spent masking and preparing in order to prevent overspray, the amount of time you save on the painting process itself will more than make up for it—sprayers are ten times faster than brushes or rollers and have a much easier time getting into small nooks and crannies. However, if you’re properly prepared, cleanup is quick and easy.

Whether you’re painting fences, decks, or interior walls, Dunn-Edwards’ paint sprayers can be a fantastic way to get a fast, clean, smooth finish for your project.

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