Exterior Paint


Exterior Color Paints

Looking to change the look of your home’s exterior? A fresh coat of exterior house paint can enhance your home’s curb appeal, but it’s also more than that. Dunn-Edwards outdoor paint is designed to help weatherproof your house and protect it from the elements.

The right exterior paint color can completely transform the look of your home. A vibrant front door or front facade makes your home stand out and is a great way to welcome visitors. Our paints come in a wide variety of colors for any of your home decoration needs, as well as a number of materials including enamel and acrylic. Each kind of paint has different advantages and applies to different surfaces, so make sure you get the right types of exterior paint for your home’s construction.

Try out a variety of exterior paint colors with the Dunn-Edwards InstaColor app! With our color visualizer, you can see how your home would look in Swiss Coffee, Green, Pink, or any color you like. Choose your favorite look for your home and get the paint that best suits your aesthetic.

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